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Ocean Breeze Scented Wax Tablet


Ocean breeze soy wax tablets are designed to emit a refreshing ocean-inspired fragrance. Scented soy wax tablets are versatile and can be used in various ways to add fragrance and ambiance to your living spaces. Put scented wax tablets in drawers, closets, or wardrobes to keep your clothes smelling fresh and pleasant. They can help ward off musty odours and add a lovely scent to your linens.

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How to use scented soy Wax tablet
Scented wax tablets have been
designed for use in small spaces such as wardrobe or drawers.

Hang the tablet from a hook or knob, allowing it to dangle freely.
As the wax tablet gradually warms up due to the surrounding air, it will release its fragrance. The scent will fill the area with a pleasant aroma.


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