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Fresh Reed Diffuser


Introducing our Fresh Reed Diffuser – a harmonious blend of aquatic and floral notes, meticulously crafted to offer the best reed diffuser experience. Immerse your space in the invigorating essence of our unique combination, carefully curated to deliver the freshest aroma diffuser quality.

Our diffuser is designed to provide a consistent and enduring fragrance experience. The natural reeds elegantly disperse the invigorating scent, ensuring your space is constantly enlivened with the best fresh aroma diffuser quality.

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Fresh reed diffuser fragrances that combine floral and aquatic properties can create a dynamic and invigorating atmosphere. These fragrances often evoke the sensation of being near a blooming garden next to a serene body of water.

  • Floral Notes: The floral aspect brings a touch of elegance and softness to the fragrance. Common floral notes might include jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, or peony. These flowers contribute a sense of romance and tranquility to the scent.
  • Aquatic Notes: Aquatic notes capture the essence of water bodies, such as the ocean or a calm lake. These notes are typically fresh, clean, and airy. They might include sea breeze, water lily, marine accords, or even hints of ozone


Additional information

Where to keep

• Living Rooms
• Hallway Tables
• Bedrooms
• Guestrooms
• Study Rooms/Home Office
• Kitchen
• Powder Washroom
• Office Spaces
• Reception Areas
• Showrooms


Fill your living spaces with this pleasant aroma. Lasts upto 45-60 days. This duration may vary depending on room temperature or humidity conditions.

Safety Tips

• Never leave the diffuser near sources of heat.
• Never swallow the liquid.
• Place the diffuser on a flat even surface.
• Place diffuser away from children and pets.
• Do not allow the liquid to come into contact with skin, this may cause sensitisation by skin contact and irritation to eyes.
• If swallowed seek medical advice and show the container.

Useful Tips

• Remove the metal screw cap and discard plastic plug,
• Screw the decorative metal cap onto the bottle
• Immerse your reeds into the liquid and allow them to soak up the oil
• Flip them in a while to begin the release of the beautiful scented home fragrance


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