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Rainforest Car Diffuser


Transform your driving experience with The Acadour’s Rainforest Car Perfume Diffuser, Unleash the robust blend of woody and musky notes, eliminating unpleasant odours and infusing every ride with a refreshing vigour. Elevate your car’s ambiance with the best car perfume in India, carefully crafted to bring the essence of the rainforest to your daily commute.

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Designed as a convenient hanging car perfume bottle, this car fragrance diffuser ensures a consistent release of the invigorating Rainforest fragrance. The woody undertones provide a sense of grounding, while the musky accords add a touch of sophistication to your car interior. Immerse yourself in the refreshing and long-lasting scent that makes every drive a memorable olfactory adventure.

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How to use car diffuser:

1. Open the wooden lid.
2. Remove the plastic lid from the bottle.
3. Put the wooden lid back on the bottle and invert the bottle until the cap is wet.
4. Hang it on the rearview mirror in your car, allowing it to dangle freely.
5. As the wooden lid absorbs the oil, it will gradually release the aroma into your car.


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